A great adventure in the metal construction world

This is how Mep has provided and continues to provide ideal solutions for the metal construction world.

The attention to detail, passion and professionalism have always distinguished Mep and it is always a pleasure to build cooperations with companies that share our same values. This was the case of the relationship created with a Tuscan company that deals with the construction of both heavy and light carpentry and anti-seismic buildings.


Carpenteria Toscana, the Tuscan company protagonist of our latest collaboration, was founded in 2006 thanks to the union of some experts who have always worked in the metallurgy, industry and construction world. The passion characterizing the company from the beginning has led it to evolve and expand over time, by moving from the satisfaction of various needs of the small metal carpentry market to those of the large market.

The desire to renew and meet the constantly evolving market needs were the main factors of the establishment of the collaboration between Mep and Carpenteria Toscana, which has been going on for several years.
Everything started 20 years ago thanks to the purchase of the manual pull-down band sawing machine Shark 260, fitting perfectly the purpose of the Tuscan company related to miter cutting from 0° to +60° of ferrous materials (especially beams). As a result of the expansion in the large market of metal carpentry, the company’s machines shop has been renewed several times to stay constantly in line with new production needs and, in many cases, Mep has provided customized solutions ideal to meet the company’s needs. As a matter of fact, during several years of collaboration, the Tuscan company chose the following machines:
  • The semi-automatic band sawing machine Shark 332-1 SXI EVO, ideal for the metal construction world and for the construction of large indoor and outdoor structures (for example warehouses or anti-seismic buildings);
  • The automatic vertical circular sawing machine Tiger 372 CNC LR 4.0 RC which, due to the characteristics of the circular saw blade, is designed for high precision work related to light carpentry;
  • The automatic vertical band sawing machine V20-APC, the latest machine purchased to meet the needs related to larger cutting capacity with automatic double mitering on large steel tubes with different thicknesses.


The semi-automatic band sawing machines are ideal for cuts in series on a wide range of materials and, due to the characteristics of the band saw blade, the cut finishing is raw.

– The machine can work in three different cutting modes – manual, semi-automatic/dynamic and semi-automatic – which allow to execute cuts, even in angle from -45° to +60°, on any kind of ferrous material in an efficient way.

– Angles scale engraved on the turning table allows to easily perform precise cuts in perfect tolerance at any angle.

– The clamping unit sliding longitudinally to the right and left of the saw head allows to safely perform even precise angle cuts. 

– The knurled steel jaws of the cutting vice allow an efficient and safe clamping even in the case of tube cutting. 



Due to the characteristics of the circular saw blade, the range of vertical circular sawing machines is extremely versatile and suitable for several jobs. At the same time, these machines are one of our best solutions in terms of precision in angle cutting.

– The sawing machine, with automatic mitering saw head that reduces cutting and setting time, can work in two different cutting modes – automatic and semi-automatic – and it is ideal for those having the need for high production.

– The saw head is powered by a servo motor on linear guides with preloaded ball screw sliding on ball screw nut to grant a mechanical vibration reduction during the cut. 

– The clamping unit, which is equipped with two pneumatic vices sliding on the left and right side of the blade and a vertical vice, ensures an efficient and safe clamping of the material even in case of tube cutting, thus granting a burr-free cut.



The vertical automatic band sawing machines are ideal for miter cutting from -60° to +60° of large solid and structural ferrous materials with different thicknesses.

– The 4° canted saw head facilitates the entry of the blade on the vertical wall of the material; moreover, the saw head is driven by a 7.4 Kw gear box and controlled in rotation through a servo motor, thus ensuring a precise control in speed, torque and positioning.

– The saw head cast-iron structure allows to absorb vibration and to ensure greater cutting stability and longer blade life.

– Automatic programmable mitering: the machine will automatically move the saw head to the desired angles in order to grant precise and burr-free cuts.


We have always considered collaborations as a fundamental tool to improve ourselves and to offer our customers an excellent service and we are extremely proud of the relationship established with Carpenteria Toscana. Sharing the same values and the desire to grow, the focus on detail and customer needs are just some of the aspects that have allowed this solid collaboration to continue over time. Also in this case, we have given great importance to open dialogue and communication and we have always been committed to staying at the customer’s side.


“More than once Mep has been able to provide us with suitable solutions for the realization of our metal construction projects”, says Rodolfo Boschi, the owner of Carpenteria Toscana. “The high skills of the service engineers in solving problems, the availability of spare parts in the short term and the kindness of the employees are the strength points of the Mep company and, at the same time, they represent the reasons why we want to continue working together”.

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