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Omi-Fer’s welding division has an experienced staff that performs qualified welding with MIG / MAG, SMAW and TIG technologies on all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our department realizes welds on pipes, sheets or worked mechanical parts as well as on automatic and semi-automatic machine beds on rotating positioners.


Omi-Fer realizes both in series and customized products for special constructions on costumers’ demand that vary from bases / components for machinery to constructions on an industrial level.


We perform internally the calendaring of metals or the special processing which allow to obtain conical or cylindrical shapes. Through this process we are able to create products according to customer needs such as cylindrical and parallelepiped tanks both in iron and stainless steel for the containment of fluids with sheets of various thicknesses, constructions of any type of stainless-steel accessory for food and chemical industry, prefabrication and assembly of light and medium-heavy metal structures, structures to support plants, stairs and walkways.

Omi-Fer is a company specialized in the construction and assembly of metal support structures (light and heavy) for industrial plants of different types: petrochemical plants, chemical plants, steam plants, purification plants and steel plants.

The technical team of Omi-Fer has a very high degree of professionalism which leads to the production of a wide range of services for the industry.

Main interest:

  • assembly of metal structures for industrial warehouses
  • assembly of production lines
  • mechanical assembly of ovens and industrial machinery
  • construction and assembly of canopies and metal shelters
  • construction and assembly of iron safety stairs
  • construction and assembly of mezzanines
  • construction and assembly of metal reinforcement structures and metal sheets
  • metal processing and special welding in stainless steel
  • buildings of industrial coverings, in metal and other materials

Omi-Fer has a department that deals with the maintenance of industrial plants. We perform interventions in particular in the iron and steel industry, forging and heavy carpentry.

Choosing Omi-Fer allows to valorize the investments made on machinery and is a guarantee of a cutting-edge production.

Mechanical processing, carried out using computer numerical control machinery, involves the production of metal components through precise programming. Operated by skilled and trained personnel, this technology allows for continuous and precise control throughout all stages of production.

OMI-FER 2 offers a service of processing with dedicated machinery for cutting sheet metal, capable of handling lengths up to 12 meters and thicknesses up to 300 mm. These machines not only perform cutting but also offer activities such as chamfering, tracing, and drilling for a complete and precise product.



OMI-FER 2 offers a sandblasting service, an essential method for preparing metal surfaces, such as steel, before painting or applying anti-corrosion protective coatings. The sandblasting technology used in this booth ensures effective cleaning of surfaces using a sand jet, ensuring optimal results.



OMI-FER 2 offers and performs a heat treatment oven service, a crucial thermal treatment for reducing internal stresses in metal components. This process involves heating the materials to high temperatures followed by slow cooling. The aim of the heat treatment is to reduce internal stresses without significantly compromising the hardness of the components, ensuring maximum reliability and durability.



OMI-FER 2 provides and offers a painting service, which involves coating metal surfaces with paint. This process can be carried out for both decorative and protective purposes, providing an effective barrier against corrosion and other harmful agents.


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