Omi-Fer performs welding qualified with expert staff in technologies MIG / MAG, TIG and SMAW, on all kind of metals: as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

We carry out welding on pipes, metal sheet and mechanical parts already worked, on base for automatic machinery, on metal structural carpentry.

We operate deposit welding on mechanical components and we are equipped to perform automatic and semi-automatic welding with rotary positioners.

Possibility of welding work and repairs amoung the customer.


Service for manufacturers from all sectors: bases for different kind of machines as machines for processing plastics, sheet metal working and other;

Calendering - We do metal calendering, a special processing with we obtain conical or cylindrical forms.

Cylindrical and rectangular tanks made in iron and stainless steel to contain fluids with plates of various thicknesses.

Omi-Fer is specialize in manufacturing and assembling of metal structural support - light or heavy - for industrial plants of different kind: petrochemical plants, chemical plants, steam power plants, sewage treatment plants and steel plants.

Thanks to its technical staff competence, Omi-Fer is able to provide a wide range of services for the industry:

  • Installation of metal structures for industrial warehouses;
  • Production lines assembling;
  • Mechanical installation of furnaces and industrial machinery;
  • Construction and installation of canopies and metal shelters;
  • Construction and installation of safety ladders made of iron;
  • Construction and installation of mezzanines;
  • Construction and assembly of reinforcing metallic structures and plates;
  • Machining and special welding stainless steel;
  • Construction of industrial roofing, metal or not.

Omi-Fer is also active in the maintenance of industrial plants. The maintenance of industrial plants made by Omi-Fer includes different industries and in particular we are specialized for steel industry, forging and heavy carpentry.

Thanks to Omi-Fer industrial plants maintenance, companies can make the most of their investments on machinery, ensuring production always updated.

We work do industrial plants maintenance:

Maintenance contract

Emergency maintenance

Routine maintenance

Planned preventivate maintenance