Our company was founded in 2009 by a team of people who have gained decades of experience in the field of special welding performed with any technique and on any material.

Thanks to the technical skills, flexibility and efficiency has become a reliable partner in the maintenance and installation of equipment for all industries.

We partner with top companies in various sectors: steel industry, rolling, naval carpentry, vertical and horizontal drilling, energy and raw materials, security technology and construction of special plants.

Our company relies on modern production technology and high quality standards.

The production includes products in series, customized production and special designs to customer design. Omi-Fer has an office of 2,000 square meters equipped with machine tools and finishing to fulfill the requirements of their customers.


The health and safety of our workers is considered a key aspect of the performance and business operation. For this reason they are insured for their employees the right conditions with employment.

The company has set up a TRAINING PROGRAM, INFORMATION AND TRAINING which provides a training program which will assume up to continuing education through regular meetings.


Our carpenters are able to approach any type of design and operate services basting, construction, assembly up to the quality controls at the end of the necessary welds of the article.


Our welders work on ferrous and non-special steels with methods MIG / MAG, TIG and electrode. Certificates ISO 3834 and we have a large bouquet of WPQR.

We also perform welding work, with their vehicles and equipment suitable for every type of construction.

We employ professionals with proven skills and experience including welders with qualifications issued by major European certification bodies


Our pipe fitters are autonomous and independent in any area of the construction site, by the naval installations passing through all types of boilers, incinerators to installations on board machine also performed on presses, and ovens.