The CEO of Omi-Fer Srl believes that the long-term success depends on the ability to meet the contract requirements and the explicit and implicit needs of its clients.

To achieve this objective, our Company undertook during 2013 a process of certification of its Quality Management System according to the standard of ISO 9001: 2008 and for the "Process of Prefabrication and welding of steel structures Metallic" according to EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 . The Quality Management System is based on the control of all business processes in order to achieve the continuous improvement of service, full customer satisfaction, greater internal efficiency and a prompt resolution of any inefficiency.

With great satisfaction the Directorate General of Omi-Fer Srl Unipersonale and all company personnel communicate to all its customers and suppliers that the certification path Quality was successfully completed during the month of October 2014 through the third-party audit conducted by the Certification LL-C (Certification) which approved the granting of the following certificates: